That Time G-Saviour Taught the RX-78 and a GM How CG Works: Anime Production Street feat. G-Reco


Among the exhibits on the floor of Anime Japan 2015 (March 21st to 22nd), the “Anime Production Street” aimed to show samples of the tools and processes used when producing anime, with Gundam Reconguista in G being centered as the example. This largely consisted of recreations of studio office set ups, with artwork, storyboards, and other materials made available for perusal. (Incidentally, this was all right before the final episode of G-Reco aired on March 26th)


Comic pages depicting steps in the production process were posted along the the way. These used photos of model kits playing the roles of staff members, notably ones exclusively from Gundam series other than G-Reco (since, one assumes, they were the ones making G-Reco in this example). Conveniently, these also featured English translations at the bottom of each page.

Most amusingly among these, the G-Saviour, star mobile suit of the 2000 live action production, makes a rare appearance. Having been depicted entirely in 3D CG in its own movie, it appears to teach the main characters of this tour, the RX-78-2 Gundam and GM, how CG works in anime.


This is one of a few official acknowledgements of G-Saviour’s existence in the past few years – an animated Gunpla model of one appears in episode 8 of Gundam Build Fighters (2013), and the original HG 1/144 G-Saviour Space Mode model kit from 2000 has been reprinted as recently as 2018. (This particular scenario ends with G-Saviour having been a dream…hmmm)

The event photos here are from’s coverage, which I will also be reproducing in full below for archival purposes.

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